Our Short Story

June 2008 - Our first born son, Ethan, was born

June 2009 - Ethan not talking or walking.

July 2009 - Ethan started walking, but still no talking

February 2010 - Had Ethan's hearing tested. Discovered fluid behind both ear drums. He was beginning to babble at this point.

March 2010 - Ethan had tubes placed in his ears to help with drainage & muffled hearing.

June 2010 - Ethan's 2nd birthday. He still wasn't talking but could make animal sounds & other sounds that we could understand. "D" sound was drink.

August 2010 - Ethan says "Mom" for the first time! YEAH!

September 2010 - Ethan has meltdown at our town's festival parade. Because of this scene, a friend, who is a special needs parents, tells us about Child & Family Connections. She encourages us to take Ethan to be tested.

September/October 2010 - Ethan is tested & placed into Early Intervention through Child & Family Connections. He is part of a Developmental Playgroup as well as Speech Therapy.

December 2010 - At our Early Intervention party, Ethan has another meltdown. This results in his case worker recommending us for Occupational Therapy. We are also now on a waiting list for Easter Seals Autism Diagnostic Clinic.

January 2011 - We begin Occupational Therapy along with Speech & Playgroup.

May 2011 - Ethan is diagnosed with Classic Autism & Sensory Processing Disorder at Easter Seals.

June 2011 - Ethan's 3rd birthday, and he "ages out" of our existing Early Intervention Program

August 2011 - Ethan begins Early Intervention Preschool through our school district. He also receives Speech & OT.

April 2012 - I register Ethan for Easter Seals Intensive Therapedic Autism Program for the upcoming summer session.

June 2012 - Ethan turns 4 years old, and he begins ITAP at Easter Seals

August 2012 to Present - Ethan attends BOTH the ITAP at Easter Seals 2 mornings a week and our school's preschool program every afternoon. He receives Speech & OT in both programs.

Ethan has made tremendous progress over the past 2 years, and it is due to some amazing people that have helped him & us along the way. Thank you to all who have been a part of our journey so far....and to those who will join us in the future!

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