Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I will be taking a break from writing this week. This is Ethan's only full week off of school, so we will be enjoying a relaxing week together. We are also really enjoying watching the Olympics. Ethan is really enjoying the water sports, and I am enjoying teaching him all about the Olympics. The last time Ethan & I watched the Olympics, he was 6 weeks old......so this is kind of become a special thing for us to do together. So, I will leave you this week with a couple of videos. One is a video of Ethan watching & acting out the Olympics. The other is one of my favorite Olympic commercials. Talk to you in a week!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Walk With Me Success! Just Pictures!

Our team raised $1,265.00 for Easter Seals!!!

Adult Walkers: Corey, Jessica, Linda, Steve, Sue, Buster, Holly, Chris, Rachael, Rachel, Jenny, Grace, Larry, Kim, Missy, Patty, Sara, Matt, Cindy, Minh, Jason, Bill, Leslie, The Marriott Team and Jim

Child Walkers: Ethan, Drew, Avery, Gavin, Caden, Hunter, Macie, Zoe, Grayson, Camden, Oliver, Jillian and Jim's Grandson

Supporters: John, Scott, Carly, Matt, Josh, Joe, Kay, Brandon, Leslie, and Excalibur Seasoning


Pictures provided mostly by Aunt Rachael