Saturday, August 3, 2013

Attaching A Sensory Toy To A Coat

I am always looking for ways to provide Ethan the sensory items he needs in a way that doesn't scream, "HI! I'M A SENSORY TOY!" It takes a LOT of trial & error as well as thinking outside the box. This can be a challenge, but I believe that it is worth it in the end!

One way that I have discovered to fill his "chewing" need is to attach a toy to his jackets & coats. This is to replace him chewing on his shirt collars & coat zippers. Why replace this behavior? Because the chewing is ruining his clothing. Why attach it to his clothing? Because it's easy for him to access & less change of losing our chew toys!

Using a simple grommet tool....from Hobby Lobby...I was able to insert a ring into the collar of Ethan's coat. Thanks to Jessica over at The Almost Perfectionist for introducing me to this tool! It's so simple...even I can do it!

Now the question becomes what to attach to his coat? I needed something that he would actually chew on, but would seem like a typical child's toy. Nothing too obvious. If I had to go that route, I absolutely would...but I'm experimenting to see what is a bit more discrete.

These are what I would hang the chew toy from via the grommet on his collar.
I have experimented with many you can see order to find what best works for Ethan. 

Rubber bracelets from Dollar General.

Homemade chew toys.
It's rubber baby teether-rings thread
onto cut up aquarium tubing
 that is tied off on the ends.

Actual sensory chew toys from Amazon.

A bin full of fundraising prize ducks...they
were gifted to Ethan.

I think these are ideal for this project!!!

How bout that? Look good???
It works great!
And the toy can be changed out as needed!

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