Sunday, March 31, 2013

Light It Up Blue - Car Transformation

One of the best things about this is how much Ethan LOVES this car!
April is Autism Awareness month, and TUESDAY, April 2nd, 2012, is Autism Speaks Light It Up Blue. This is a specific day dediated to cheering for those who have austism! All you do is change your outdoor light to a blue light bulb & keep it lit with the blue glow all evening long! In fact, THE HOME DEPOT sells specific Light It Up Blue light bulbs each year!!!

Last year was our first year to celebreate this day as a family living with autism, and we have been excited for this year's day as well! I, personally, was excited to use my new Autism Speaks cookie cutter & hang up some blue outdoor Christmas lights that my friend gave me.

Oh.....but this is nothing compared to what my husband had in mind.

Corey's creative juices have been brewing since before Thanksgiving...when he discovered a new car product. Are you ready to see what he has done???

This is Corey's car before he started his Light It Up Blue project.
This is the car when Corey and his friend Matt started "lighting it up blue."
Here is the car painted blue.
And here is the finished car design. Corey made & placed 88 decals of puzzle pieces to put on the car. This represents the 1 in 88  children affected by autism.

The car was named Sublueru by Corey's friend, Matt.
Special thanks for discounts/donations by A Warehouse Full and

Corey also took a picture of Ethan's hand and made a decal of it. Ethan actually picked the color he wanted his hand to of course (his favorite). He even helped Corey apply the decal and text. He was so excited he was GIGGLING!

Corey put over 50 hours into this project. To say that he is proud of his son is a slight understatement :)


***UpDaTe - Corey's car was recently featured on our local news. To see his interview, click here!


  1. Jessica, Corey, Ethan, Your life stories always bless me! Some kids get a bike, or maybe a bat or glove, maybe a trip to McDonalds, but your son, Ethan, gets a BLUE CAR!! Not just personally designed for him, but for every autistic kid and parent too!! How cool is that? To such an amazing, and loving family who I am blessed to call you friends. LIGHT IT UP BLUE! I love you guys!!!

  2. Great job Corey. Love to you all

  3. Good work Corey - looks like North Carolina blue. Katy Perry singing with an autistic child is cool....

  4. Very cool! I dedicated my Subaru wrx entirely towards autism too. Check out my website. I'm currently in the process of fixing it up. Best of luck to you and your family!

  5. As a grandparent of an autistic child I truly understand your enthusiasm and excitement. Thank God for parents like you to spread the word. AWESOME CAR!

    1. Awww...thanks! Being a grandparent of a child with autism must be a unique point of view. Not only do you see your grandchild dealing with certain challenges, but you also see your OWN child learning how to parent a child with such uniqueness. I appreciate hearing from you!

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