Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Cars Are Back

I shouldn't have said it.

I jinxed it.

Last night, I said out loud that I haven't picked up toy cars in a couple of weeks.

Ethan has been playing in such a new & different way, and that has resulted in his 100s of matchbox cars sitting on the shelf. I have loved it! My house has become a bit messier, but it's not been covered in cars. It has been play food, puzzles, building blocks, flash cards, books, board games, and LOTS of his sensory play items. He hasn't even wanted to play computer!

But of course I jinxed it. :0)

Actually, I think he is playing with his cars because he is tired. We have been busy, busy, busy the last couple of days. Sunday, we got up earlier than normal & drove to St. Louis. Both of my cousins, that my sister & I are close to, now live in St. Louis, and we were going to be a part of a special day. One of my cousins was having her little baby dedicated to the Lord at their church, and my other cousin just moved to St. Louis & had a new place. It was a WONDERFUL day! Ethan even attended the church's kids program WILLINGLY!!!!! He came out of their kid's program wearing a party hat & carrying 2 pieces of paper....one with a yarn craft on it, and the other was a coloring/circle the write answer paper. He said he had a lot of fun.....and I was so impressed with him being able to do this independently! AWESOME!!!

Then, we went to my cousin's new house & had a cookout. Ethan was so much more interactive with my family than ever before!!! He was playing with his cousins, playing with the little baby, and talking with my extended family. At one point, he asked my cousin, "Cousin Grace, will you get Hunter's ball for him?" (It has gone over the fence.) It was CRAZY AWESOME!!!!

One the way home from St. Louis, he was soooooo tired, but of course he didn't sleep. We got home about 6:30pm, and he said to us, "Who is going to lay with me." Whoever puts Ethan to bed, lays with him until he falls asleep (usually Daddy), so he was saying he was ready for bed. So, Corey gave him a quick bath & put him in bed.

The next day was Monday, one of our busy days. Ethan woke up earlier than normal, and we began our day. First, he went  to Easter Seals (3 hours of therapy/play/work), and then we head straight over to his Early Intervention School (3 more hours of school/therapy/play/work).  Monday was a rough day. Ethan was so whiny/tired which results in everything being a battle.....brushing teeth, putting shoes on, buckling car seat, cleaning up toys, and so on. Every time I talked to Ethan, he would whine/cry at me....it was brutal. However, once again, in his own way, he asked Daddy if he could go to bed earlier than normal. And once again, Corey gave him a fast bath & put him to bed.

This morning, Ethan woke up at his typical 7am time, and he is in MUCH better spirits. However, I can tell that he is still a bit tired because all he is playing with today are his cars. But, I guess we all need some down time when we are tired. And seeing him play with his cars in his patterned ways doesn't get to me like it has before because I know this is not all he is doing now. He is just tired.....mentally & physically. And I guess I am too because I am already on my 2nd cup of coffee and fighting the urge to reorganize my closets. Like mother, like son.

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