Thursday, September 27, 2012

G.I. Referral & Gluten Free Diet


Today marks 5 weeks of Ethan having severely loose stools. It started at the same time as cold-like symptoms occurred, so I assumed it was all related. When we saw the doctor the first time, I mentioned this to her but it was more in the form of a list of other things going on with Ethan. However, everything else has cleared up....but this explosiveness remains. We have followed doctor's instructions, and eliminated milk products (we already do that anyway), removed juice from his diet (only a splash to his water to add flavoring), and started him on a pro-biotic. Yet, the diarrhea remains.

This poor kid is unable to make it to the bathroom many times, having accidents at school, and says his belly hurts. 5 weeks of this.....arg. We have been to the doctor 2 times during this time as well as calling weekly for updates & "what now?" We have collected stool samples & had them tested. Everything has come back fine.

Today, we just came home from the pediatrician's office, and they are now referring Ethan to a Gastro Intestinal Doctor. It won't be for a few weeks, but I'm already sick to my stomach over this news. On one hand I am glad that things are moving forward which, hopefully, means that relief is coming soon. But on the other hand.....I am soooo dreading these next steps. I'm already envisioning horrible invasive testing, a new doctor's office, new faces, and a whole lot of trying to keep Ethan from being anxious.....which also means trying to keep me calm so he doesn't feed off of my nerves. UGH!

In the meantime, the doctor suggested trying to switch over to a gluten free diet as well as watching his sugar intake. So....I guess I have a lot of homework to do. I just went to Kroger & bought pretty much anything that said gluten free on it. :0) If anyone has some helpful advice or tips regarding any of this, I would REALLY appreciate it! I just want my little guy to feel better!!! THANKS!!!

Here is what I got at my quick Kroger shopping trip. With a 4 year old in tow, it was hard for me to read labels or focus, but I guess this is a start.

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