Friday, April 5, 2013

Messy Art Projects at Easter Seals

Ethan's snowmen & his name. This is simply amazing!
Last post, I talked about how we do a lot of messy sensory play in our home. This is to help Ethan overcome his heightened senses due to Sensory Processing Disorder. This has many benefits which should help him participate in daily common activities, such as sitting in a noisy classroom or eating a bigger variety of foods.

Well, leave it to Ethan's Early Intervention Team (including Easter Seals & School Preschool Program) to take things to the next level!!! THANK YOU!

I'm always so excited to see Ethan's take-home projects in his bookbag. Since he doesn't (or can't) relay to me in words what he is doing at school/ITAP, it is nice to see tangible items that helps me see the whole picture. About a month ago, I picked Ethan up from Easter Seals and noticed that Ethan's hands were dyed with colors. I knew immediately that he had been doing some kind of art project....but just what that was had yet to be seen.

Well, folks, let me tell you.....when I saw what Ethan had been doing, I was blown away. Ethan had been painting. Not just with a paintbrush, but with his fingers.....and his ENTIRE BARE HANDS!!!!

Check out all of these pictures of Ethan's artwork! Then, keep scrolling for more outstanding progress updates!

Now, again, we are not JUST looking at fingerpaintings, but we are seeing Ethan's tolerance for MESSINESS on his hands growing! This could lead into him TOUCHING or even EATING healthier foods other than popcorn & bacon. AND Ethan has NEVER liked touching paint...let alone going full hands on for SEVERAL art projects! THIS IS PROGRESS, BABY!!!!
Also, I have seen a HUGE improvement in Ethan's coloring. Take a look at the few pictures below...

These pictures are also telling us that Ethan is progressing! Can you see how much pressure was used in Ethan's arms to make these marks? Just a few months ago, Ethan would draw, and it was very difficult to see what it was he had drawn. This is telling us that his arm muscles are getting stronger & developing due to therapy. We can also gather that Ethan's attention span is growing longer. Each picture has more than one mark on it, and some even have more than one color on it! AND there are MANY of them!!! These are all signs of progress, and hope for more to come!!!!!

Needless to say, these WONDERFUL works of art are either proudly displayed in our home or packed away in Ethan's keepsake box! These are not scribbles or messy artwork.......they are portraits of a growing boy!!!!! WAY TO GO, ETHAN & TEAM!!!!!!!

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  1. Those are the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen!!! :)