Friday, June 14, 2013

Join Our Walk With Me Team 2013

This will be our 2nd year participating in Easter Seals Walk With Me! Ethan is an ambassador for this event, and we are putting together a team! Here is a link for more information about our team! We would love for you to join us!!!

I asked Ethan why he loves Easter Seals so much.
Here's how that conversation went....

Me - "Ethan, why do you love Easter Seals?"

Ethan - "I love Easter Seals because Payton (the therapy dog) keeps me calm. I love playing with my friends & my teachers.

Me - "What do they help you with?"

Ethan - "They help me to not do bad things."

Me - "What are "bad thing."

Ethan - "Not sharing with friends, taking toys away from kids, and not crashing on the floor."

This conversation would not have been possible had it not been for Early Intervention. When Ethan was diagnosed at 2 years old with classic autism & sensory processing disorder, Ethan was talking....but not much. His go to form of communication was through large & out of control meltdowns. He could not express himself in any other way. Because of this, our entire life was becoming more & more isolated. We couldn't take Ethan many places. His heightened senses would cause high anxiety & an increased chance of a meltdown. It was very difficult to participate in typical childhood activities & family outings. 

A year ago, we enrolled Ethan into Easter Seals Intensive Therapy Autism Preschool Program. Since that time, Ethan is functioning so well in many typical environments like school, stores, church, playground, movies, and even at home! He is expressing himself with his words more than his meltdowns, he is eating more foods, he is becoming more independent, and he has become a seriously social butterfly!!!! He's even asking to have friends come over & play at our house!

This child who was once so withdrawn into himself is now asking every waiter & cashier what their name is, he is initiating conversations with kids in stores & playgrounds. He says "excuse me" to everyone we pass while shopping and LOVES to greet anyone who comes to our door.....especially the people delivering pizza. :0)

And this is just Ethan's story. Easter Seals is FULL of stories like his. Stories full of hope & promise. Stories full of obstacles AND overcoming them!

Easter Seals is not just an organization. They are people. No....not people......miracle workers. As I parent, I have given all I can to help Ethan achieve his best. I want to do everything in my power to help him, and I pray that God would help him where we are limited. And God gave us Easter Seals. I would give every penny I had to this group if that was even possible. 

Your donation is helping kids walk & talk. It's helping kids understand the world & how to LIVE in it. It's helping families become STRONG. Your donation is helping provide miracles. For real.

WE HOPE YOU CAN JOIN US ON THIS DAY OF CELEBRATION! PLEASE JOIN OUR TEAM & WALK TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! If you can't make it to the actual walk, we pray that you will support our team with a financial gift. 99cents from every dollar stays in Central Illinois....awesome!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ethan Wolfe & Family

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