Monday, April 30, 2012

Tonight, I was searching for some teacher appreciation gift tags, and I stumbled across my new favorite blog. I navigated there from a Google image of a gift tag, and I was happily surprised to see that the title of this blog is KIDZ, A Special Place for Special Needs.....I LOVE IT!!!!!

I, of course, clicked on their autism label and came across this amazing poem. I feel as if I could have written says it so perfectly. I was thinking of sharing it on Mother's Day, but it's too good to wait!!!! ENJOY!!!!

Footsteps With Jacksen

 I'd never seen the place
Where true beauty lies
Until I found it twinkling
In those magical blue eyes.

The way they laughed and sparkled
Like they were dancing to a song,
Those precious eyes held secrets
I'd learn you stored before too long.

As you grew I began to notice
You would shield those big blue eyes,
You wouldn't share your sparkles,
Just the tears formed from your cries.

You did not care for company
Or friends to call your own
Instead you spent your playtime
Lining cars up all alone.

While other kids made milestones
I waited for the day
Your words would flow together
And you would have something to say.

Something deep inside me
And something in those eyes
Told me there was an answer
To his heart wrenching cries.

The day I learnt that AUTISM
Was to become etched into my heart
Was the beginning of a life
Filled with magic from the start.

The days I feel disheartened
Alone and filled with fear
He finds a way to show me
Why I'm meant to be right here.

I am meant to be his mother
He is meant to be my son
We are meant to face together,
This journey just begun.

By Fiona Goldsworthy


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I'll check out that sight for sure.

  2. How beautiful is that poem!!! Every day, there is new excitment with a child!! Some mountaintops.... and some valleys..... but it is always a wonder and a thrill to see where the child will take you.
    The Scripture says....... "And a little child shall lead them." How true that statement is........ every time you read it or think it...... it has new meaning.
    A little child shall lead them!!!! Lead On, Ethan, Lead On!!