Friday, February 1, 2013

February Playroom Update

A lot has been happening at our house over the last couple of months. Between bouts of sickness and holiday events, we have managed to move forward on our basement sensory playroom. Here is how it looks today...

It's hard to get the whole room in one shot but here are 3 corners of the room. And, yes, it's a mess but we were playing!!!!

Here is the missing corner from the above photo.

And this is the corner where the first two pictures were taken from....leading back through our basement kitchen. This is what we are currently working on (the kitchen).

So, the room is divided into 4 sections. The first section is the grown up seating area. I made curtains for these very large windows out of king size sheets...just striped them. We also have our old couch (hide-a-bed), garage sale coffee table that I repainted, and Ethan's trampoline. Sorry it's a bit dark, but the sun was REALLY shining through the curtains that day.

This second section is the playroom. I LOVE this bookshelf that I got for $20 on Craigslist. We also have many hand-me-down toys & my yoga ball (for therapy play). My sister donated this out of date globe that we fixed to be hung from the ceiling, and my friend Megan gave us these large maps that are perfect to cover up our unfinished walls & add color/interest.

This is our newest addition! For Christmas, Santa brought this for Ethan. It's a bounce house that fits perfectly in this space! Now that Ethan is growing older & bigger, he seems to need more jumping room & more often. The trampoline wasn't cutting it anymore although it's still a wonderful tool for us. And rumor has it that Santa got this used for $50!
Here is the the fourth section. Ethan LOVES the newly added fireplace (made & donated by my In-Laws). It definitely helps keep this cold basement warm! And our In-Laws' old entertainment center for VHS watching. This side of the room leads to a bathroom.

I love this basement playroom so much! It is finally safe for Ethan to be in as well as functional enough for us to spend our mornings downstairs. We are working on the kitchen/storage section right now. We have also decided to put my craft room down here as well....on the other side of the basement (not pictured). And the swing is still in the works. We have lots to go, but I'm so glad we are at this point. Ethan can play, I can do laundry, we can do messy play & not stain my's wonderful!!!!


  1. I would LOVE a bookshelf like that. I love happy finds like those. Love your family space. Love it all!