Friday, August 16, 2013

3 Doctors in 3 Days

Ethan at the Dentist. They were amazing.
They let him "play" with the instruments & explained all they were doing to his teeth.
He didn't like the chair moving or the "saliva sucker."
Due to those things, they cleaned his teeth while he stood next to the sink.
He spit into the sink when directed & was excellent at receiving direction!
I don't know who was more or him.

Apparently in the state of Illinois, a child entering Kindergarten needs an eye checkup, a dental checkup and a physical including shots.


Because I have been consumed with end of Easter Seals preschool, Walk With Me, our Money Pit of a house, and going on vacation with my In-Laws....I failed to realized this fact until the last month of summer. This led to a schedule of 3 doctor appointment in 3 days.....3 days in a row.....oh joy.

I purposefully did NOT tell Ethan about his marathon of doctor's appointments. Lately it seems like the more I prepare him for something,
the more anxious he becomes.
So...this time....I didn't tell all.

AND....Ethan did GREAT at each appointment!!!!!! He didn't even cry when he received his shots!!!!

After each doctor appointment....if he was a good patient.....we went somewhere special. Here is Ethan at the park...his reward for being a good patient for the Dentist. He kept running over to me & show me his clean smile.
After the eye doctor, we went to Walmart (this kid loves Walmart), and after the Pediatrician, we went to the Library.

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