Thursday, August 1, 2013

Morning Routine Organization for Kids

With Back To School in the air (insert sad face), I thought I would share my tips on getting ready in the morning. That is SUCH a hectic time, but it can be made a whole lot easier. And if you start NOW, your kiddos will already be used to this "system," and it won't be another new thing when they actually begin their school year.

1. Address the closet. Mainstream it as much as possible. Picking clothes needs to be simple & not overwhelming. 

This organizer has really helped Ethan feel 
more independent in getting dressed as well as
 allowing me to chose his clothes for him. 
This way he doesn't wear long sleeves 
when it's 90 degrees outside. I also read this book 
as he gets dressed.  It makes it more fun & 
there have been a lot less battles. 
This is Ethan's closet.We have removed the closet doors
 to prevent a frustration/trigger.
 My next step is to remove his winter clothes
because it adds too much visual stimulation.

My husband labeled Ethan's 
dresser drawers with text & pictures.

2. Set up a bathroom hygiene routine. For us that is basically brushing teeth & hair...both of which Ethan does NOT like to do. So, we have come up with a plan....

On Google Images, I found a simple "game board," I filled in the amount of days Ethan needed to brush his teeth before he could earn something out of our prize box. I added a few free spaces just to make it more fun, and he can feel like he's getting a few advantages. I laminated it & he colors a square with a dry erase crayon after he brushes his teeth (the color is his choosing...another way for him to feel in control).
We let Ethan pick out his own tooth brush & toothpaste. This toothbrush plays a song that plays while Ethan brushes his teeth. When the song stops, he can stop brushing. We also have one that lights up with the same concept. I also like this toothpaste that he choose because it's not as messy for him to put paste on his brush.

3. Use a daily visual schedule. This helps our kiddo so much, and it has prevented so many meltdowns. A word of caution though....if you have something planned in your day that causes your child has high anxiety, I would be cautious about HOW you put it up on the board. For example, the doctor's office. Put up the doctor's office square, but follow it with something that your child loves like swimming, going to the park, or driving through for french fries. Balance it out & try not to make a big deal over.....what you KNOW is a big deal in their minds. Play it cool, man!

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