Thursday, May 17, 2012

Walk With Me Ambassador!

Guess what!? Ethan was asked to be an Easter Seals Ambassador for their Walk With Me event! These events happen all over, but the closest to us is happening on July 21st. We are putting together a team of people to walk together in support of Easter Seals & the amazing work they do for those with special needs. (If you would like to join our team, register with our Courage & Coffee group here....we would LOVE to have you!!!) We are sooooo honored that Ethan has been asked to be an ambassador! I still have some paper work to fill out & a short photography session with my amazingly talented sister-in-law (thanks Aunt Rachael!), but Ethan's picture & story will soon be featured on the Easter Seal's website with some other pretty amazing kids.

As I was reading through the bios of these kids, one story truly touched my heart.....and I just have to share it.

"Davey’s family shared the following story about him.  Davey has always been a “hugger” and loves people, to the point where we have had to have several talks about stranger danger.  One day we were having breakfast in a cafĂ© and a big burly man with a long beard and biker clothes came in and happened to smile at Davey.  That’s all it took...for the next half hour Davey would smile and the guy would wave.  As the man got up to leave he patted Davey on the head and said “Bye little Buddy.”  Davey replied, “I wanna give you a hug!”  The man squatted down in front of my little boy and embraced him.  Davey said, “I love you.”  Tears rolled down the face of this man as he simply relied, “Thank you Jesus for your love today.”

To Find A Walk Near You, Click HERE!

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  1. I need to quit reading these at work. I get choked up and can't talk on the phone. Co-workers are wondering why I'm crying.