Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our New Sensory Toy!

Well, folks, it is an early garage sale season here, and I am already finding some good sensory items!!!! My favorite find so far has been a new light for Ethan's room. Ethan & I were on the hunt for a car (what he always looks for when we go to garage sales.....and I like that it's usually $.25 to keep him content!), and we stumbled across several lamps that the owner had plugged in & had turned on....very smart. As we walked past this section, Ethan stopped his anxious car-searching behavior & stared at the lamps. I wish I had a picture of this moment. I knew exactly which lamp had caused him to calm down, and I wanted it! Then, Ethan says, "I like that fish light." SOLD!!!!

Well worth the $2.00, but the lamp did need some attention.....

As you can see, the water level was low.

With the water level so low, the swimming fish didn't have much room to swim.

Here are the 3 fish...yellow, red & blue. These are also the 3 colors through which the water color changes.

So, I bought some distilled water at Wal-mart.

Now that the tube is full of water, we have more bubbles & the fish have more room to move.

Here is a clip of our new sensory lamp! 
It has soothing lights, bubbles, moving fish, and a quiet's perfect for Ethan!!!

Here are a few pictures of "professional grade" sensory rooms that I drool over, but they are very costly. So anything that I can make, buy or find that comes close to these relaxing, calming, therapeutic rooms....I will take! Aren't these amazing!?!?


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