Monday, March 19, 2012

Will You Light It Up Blue with Me?

The last couple of weeks, our family has been preparing for April 2nd, 2012...our first time celebrating Light It Up Blue. Since our family has been directly effected by autism, we thought it would be awesome if our entire family would help spread awareness by taking part in this day as well. So, we have put together Light It Up Blue Baskets (and one box to be shipped) to take to our extended family members in hopes that they too will participate.

Our baskets include our homemade soap, a blue light bulb, Autism Speaks bracelets, Blessed Are Those magnetic poem, and blue M&Ms. (It has been too hot to bake our brownies this week, so I went with blue store bought candy.) All of our items are sitting on a blue disposable plate.

I wrapped it all in blue cellophane wrap & tied it with blue ribbon. Here is the completed Light It Up Blue Gift Basket.

Ethan is only 3 years old & unaware of his diagnosis. However, we still thought it was important for him to understand about helping others & giving to others. So, we drove around our city & had Ethan deliver our gift baskets.

Teachable Moment - Ringing a doorbell & waiting
"Will You Light It Up Blue with me?"

We told him to ask the question, "Will you light it up blue with me?" Who can say no to a cute little 3 year old, right?! So, now we are asking you.....Will you help us spread autism awareness and Light It Up Blue on April 2nd?

Courage & Coffee has started a Facebook page. If you are participating in Light It Up Blue, take a picture & post it to our wall! I would love to see what you all are doing!!!! Remember, it's Monday, April 2nd (the Monday before Easter), and the entire month of April is autism awareness month!!!!

Corey, Ethan & Me...ready to Light It Up Blue!!!


  1. I am super excited about light it up blue! And this post was amazing too. Love!

  2. Jessica, do you have any extra light bulbs or bracelets? We will light up blue with you!! I even wore blue today :)

  3. Hi, I saw a pin for your poem on Pinterest but I can't find it?


  4. Hi Chrystal! Here is a link to the post you are looking for!