Thursday, January 17, 2013

Beginning Signs of Pretend Play

Pretend Play is something that we don't see a lot in Ethan. Pretend play can also be labeled creative play, imaginative play or make believe. Lots of kids pretend to be princesses or cowboys. Kiddos also enjoy pretending to play in a kitchen or taking care of a doll.

The only time we have really seen Ethan enjoy pretend play is when is he making his cars race in an imaginative race. A few times we have seen Ethan enjoying playing in a toy kitchen, but for the most part this is not common for him.

However, I have noticed a change in Ethan over the last several months. It started out on a day he was home sick. I was trying to coax him into taking more medicine, and I used one of his semi trucks to ask him....instead of me. Ethan lit up like a Christmas tree, and LOVED that his Mack truck was talking to him. Well.....for a good solid month after that, we played "Big Mack & Little Mack." I would get to be the little semi, and Ethan would be the big semi.....and we would have long conversations as these characters....L-O-N-G.

Then, I noticed that he was starting to pretend to be Elmo or Dora or Charlie Brown or any character that he had recently watched on TV or played on the computer. Yes, the games & actions were still patterned, but he was creating the voices & words all on his ideas & new games.

And just this week, Ethan has been full of creating new games & new characters! One day, we were singing in the car, and in the middle of the song, he said, "Let me hear ya now!" OMGosh! I laughed & laughed!!!! Sooooo funny!!!!

Not normally a cartoon/TV/movie watcher, Ethan has been soaking it all up the last 2 weeks. I don't know why the change, but I'm thinking he is studying......studying the "socialness" of the characters & then acting them out in his playtime. It's been so great to see Ethan doing this kind of play because it has been a goal we have really struggled with in teaching him. And we are seeing the first signs of Ethan's creative play! And we are soooooo excited!!!!! A little worn out from sooooo much playtime & interaction....we are used to our "leave me alone & let me play by myself" child......but we welcome this new stage! YEAH!!!!

Here is a LONG (7 minutes) video of Ethan pretending to be Elmo. He called it Ethan's World (instead of Elmo's World), and came up with all of these actions & rules of play all on his own. He is reading some books that he made on Elmo's World website, and whenever anyone would appear in the'll see. We were merely his audience.....and everyone was having a good time. Enjoy!!!!


  1. Oh my word. That video was fantastic!! His reaction to his coloring. His little face appearing suddenly over the TV. His "announcer voice" each time he introduced a new book. Oh, I could go on. It was all so fantastic. Ethan - you rock Buddy!!

  2. Love the announcer voice!! So cute:)