Saturday, January 19, 2013

More Pretend Play

We have really noticed Ethan tipping his toes into "pretend play"....something that is a struggle for him. Yesterday morning, Ethan created this game. I was so impressed. Yes, it still has a pattern to it as well as repetition, but he created this long drawn out process all on his own. I couldn't believe how many steps it had since this is also a struggle for our Ethan. Usually he can only remember & follow about 3 directions at a time...and sometimes not even that many. So here is Ethan's made up game....I'm so proud of him!!!!
Step 1 - Pick 3 cards from his Logo Board Game
Step 2 - Take Mommy the 3 choices of which she can choose

Step 3 - Take the chosen card to the kitchen table & write the logo's name on the paper. Yes, folks, this child is voluntarily writing!!! It's a miracle!!!!!

You can see here that he has the chosen card

Step 4 - Roll the paper to get a new blank slate. This paper is on a roll similar to a paper towel roll.

He could slide the paper out & get a new canvas for the next card. This roll was brand new!  And we emptied it during this game & had to get out construction paper......which is almost gone from a stamping game he created.

Step 5 - Add the completed cards to the line of logo cards & then start the process over!

Here is a closer look at some of the logos we completed.

I'm a big believer in showcasing kid's artwork, and my hallway was the only place for it....and even it wasn't long enough! Can't see Ethan's writing? It's because he has low muscle tone which translates into him not having enough strength to push a crayon with enough force to show up. It's very light. This is another reason why we do tumbling & swimming as well as strengthen his weak muscles.

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  1. I remember we used to get tons of paper rolls for free from Tony when I was at Rankin because they would come in to be recycle at his work. Maybe Rachel can hook you up with that. :) I'm glad he is writing so much.