Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blooming Once Again

The last several weeks I have been absent from my blog. I needed to take a small vacation from some of the extras in my life in order to focus on my major priorities. Not only because my Grandpa passed away & then the holidays came, but because I was becoming overwhelmed with my daily life & things were beginning to swallow me whole. I needed time to step back & regroup.

It reminds me of a plant that I have in my kitchen. My mom bought me this beautiful plant for Mother's Day last year. I left it outside all summer, and that thing took off! I have NEVER been able to keep a plant alive, but this one was bound & determined to survive despite it's non-green thumbed caretaker. Around October, my mom told me that I needed to bring it inside for the winter.....and since I always do what my mom tells me (do you believe that?!)......I did as I was told. I really wanted this plant to grow & thrive....it was just so beautiful!

Once inside, the sheer scale of this thing was just too big for any place in my home. And as I began to really examine this plant, I noticed that due to the plant being so overgrown, some places were beginning to die.....the plant had grown too big for it to sustain it's self. So, I "googled" how to split a plant & how to prune a plant....and set to work.

Holding my breath, I have watched & waited for my plant to regain it's blooms....to see if it would survive my best efforts.

Guess what happened this week.....

BLOOMS!!!!!!! IT SURVIVED!!!!!  Seems like we are both ready get back at it! So, I apologize for being gone for so long, but I needed to separate & prune some extras in order to maintain my sanity. But, I can't wait to update you all on what has been happening with us! Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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