Monday, May 27, 2013

Last Day Of Preschool!

The day finally came....Ethan's last day of Preschool. When Ethan first woke up he was full of energy & super excited for the day. However, once at school, he was a total bear! Did any of you notice that it was a full moon at the end of last week? Any of your kiddos in "moods?" Mine sure was! I told his teacher & principal that I was actually a bit grateful for his fowl mood. His attitude caused me to be frustrated & exhausted...instead of contemplative & actually worked out! How's that for a positive outlook! LOL!!! HAPPY PRESCHOOL GRADUATION, ETHAN!

First day of Preschool 2012
Last day of Preschool 2013 

Walking in to school for the last time!

Our FUN DAY started outside for a short concert. It was BEAUTIFUL weather!

What a treat! JULIE K came to sing!

Then, we moved into the gym to play on THREE bounce houses!

Back to our classroom for a snack...

....and some music. This is the first time I have observed Ethan actually DOING
hand motions with a song! No ear covering!!!
Now time to play outside. This is also the first time
I've known him to ride a tricycle without help!

Ethan & Mrs. Robinson, his classroom teacher's aide. 
Ethan & Mrs. Baker, the classroom autism aide. And  guess what!?
Mrs. Baker is going with us to Kindergarten! YEAH!!!

Is that my child playing that close to other kids? No pushing/hitting/biting/wigging out?

Ethan & Mrs. Janssen, his FIRST teacher! We are so blessed to have Ethan in her classroom!
She is the BEST!

The day was fun & now it's time to go home.

"Great Job Preschoolers! We Are Proud of You!"

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