Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Route 66 Road Trip

To celebrate the end of school & beginning of summer, we decided to kick things off with a quick road trip to Pontiac, IL. Just a couple of hours away, the thing that attracted us to this small, rural town is it's the home of the Route 66 Hall of Fame. I thought my car crazy guys would enjoy this kind of getaway. We decided to leave right after Ethan got out of school. We got there about dinner time, ate at a restaurant, and then checked in to our hotel....complete with a pool. Of course Ethan wanted to swim ASAP, so we did. The place was so quiet & we had the pool & hot tub all to ourselves. It was wonderful. We just decided to lounge around in our hotel for the rest of the evening.

The next morning, after breakfast & a Ethan "swim" in our room's whirlpool tub, we were ready to head downtown. I think this place is the friendliest place on Earth! You should visit! It was VERY low cost (all museums were FREE), and lots of things to do! Now, I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves....get ready for a Parade Of Pictures From Pontiac!

First stop...Route 66 Hall of Fame & Museum!

This is the van that Fillmore from Disney CARS was modeled after!

Leave it to Ethan to find the state capital on the map!

Next, located just upstairs, was the Livingston County War Museum.
This was VERY cool! Not on our to-do list, but one of the coolest places we visited!

Keep climbing the stairs in this building & you'll find Route 66
in professional pictures.

And a JAIL! Me & Ethan pretending to wash our hands.

And Corey wanted to pretend to use the toilet.....oh Corey!

I LOVED this Route 66 photo!

Up another level was "Living in the 1940s" 

Then, the Pontiac-Oakland Car Musuem

Oh are looking at one happy kid!

He kept coming back to this!

These little "Art Cars" were located all over downtown.

And finally, the Walldogs museum. This place payed tribute to the
artists who painted the wall murals all over Pontiac.

I even found an antique shop! SCORE!

You can bet that if this was my husband's blog, there would be a lot more cars  posted.
I decided to post this one especially for him. This was at the antique place, and he thought it was hilarious.

Ethan was WORN OUT from our day. Here he is with his two souvenirs. 

I love these vintage signs!

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