Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sensory Play: Colored Ice Cubes

One of the greatest things of any holiday is the after holiday sales.....if you can hold out on buying items that long! I am ALWAYS shopping these clearanced items in order to add to our sensory play resources. This year I was keeping my eye on some key items....one of them being shaped ice cube trays.

There are many ways to make colored ice cubes. We added food coloring to water. I filled the hearts with water & Ethan picked different colors for each heart. He added the food coloring too.

Once they were frozen, we added them to our kitchen sink water. Why is our water black? Because Ethan asked to add food coloring to it & 3 colors mixed together makes black. :0)

Both sides of our sink were filled with water. One side was the warm side & the other (with the colored ice cubes) was the cold side.

Our first time playing with any "new" toy, I usually just watch Ethan & see how he plays with it. He was really enjoying putting his hands back & forth between the cold water & the warm water.

I actually like how the colored hearts seem to pop against the dark water.

We have done this several times with different shaped ice cubes, but I can't WAIT for summer. This will be much more fun to play in a Tupperware bin outdoors when it is hot outside & we can be REALLY messy! Who knows what kind of games we will come up with!!!


  1. Question: Does the food coloring stain Ethan's skin? I think my kids would enjoy this, especially with the hot side and cold side, but I just immediately worried about stains. :)

    1. Jessica...I love you, girl! The water didn't stain our clothes or skin but the ice cubes did stain our skin. (not sure about the clothes) We usually do this in play clothes or pjs that can be stained or without a shirt on...just depends on the day. I does come off of your skin after awhile. I actually got more on my hands MAKING the ice cubes than playing with them. Good question!