Monday, March 5, 2012

Dr. Seuss

Like most parents, I LOVE Dr. Seuss! He is silly, funny, genius, brilliant, and profound all at the same time. So, this past week, we celebrated Dr. Seuss's Birthday EVERY DAY!!! I pulled out my old Dr. Seuss Unit from my teaching files, and tweaked it to better suit the needs of a 2, 3 & 5 year old. It was a hoot! Here are some things we did!

We read I Can Read With My Eyes Shut, and made Dr. Seuss Hats! All of the kids that I babysit did something different. The oldest cut & glued strips for a hat. Ethan traced the hat's lines with different markers. He held his markers so well!!!! And the youngest traced her hands onto her hat. Then, we taped a strip of construction paper to the hat in order to actually wear them. But I think Ethan thought I was taking a picture of his car. :0)

We also did some "marble painting" to go with the The Foot Book. We traced our feet or shoes, cut them out & place it in our pan. Then, the kids picked out their paint colors, and I dabbed the paint around the edges. Then, we place our marble in the pan & let the marble roll around. I thought Ethan would really like this because he doesn't like to paint with his hands. He doesn't like getting paint on his fingers. He didn't really seem to want to paint this way either, but it was during snack time too. Maybe next time...

Here is the oldest painting one of his feet. He LOVED it!

Here are the final results!

We read & made Green Eggs & Ham. I also gave the kids cereal in case green eggs were too weird to eat. The oldest ate his eggs plus Ethan's eggs....because Ethan put it up to his lips & then said, "All done." And the youngest just played with it. It was fun though!

We read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, and we glued gummy fish to our paper....working on fine motor skills. The two boys were more interested in eating the fish than gluing them, and that was okay. I was actually glad to see Ethan eating them because they are similar to taffy or Twizzlers in that you need to pull with your teeth to eat them...and that is part of his sensory diet. YEAH! The youngest...the only girl....LOVED this activity & her entire paper was filled with fish!

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