Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Light It Up Blue Baskets

April is coming.......and did you know that April is Autism Awareness month?! And we are gearing up for it at my house! The beginning of April kicks off with Autism Speaks' Light It Up Blue. This is a day where the world lights it up blue as a way to spread autism awareness. So, at the end of this month (March), our family will be delivering blue baskets filled with autism awareness swag to our family members in the community, so they can light it up blue as well.

The first part of our Light It Up Blue basket is.....A BLUE LIGHT BULB for the front of the house! Creative, right?!

I was told that Lowe's carries these blue light bulbs, but we found some at our local Menard's store. They were $1.18 each, and we bought 8 of them for our baskets.

We also went to the Autism Speaks online store, and bought wristbands to include in our baskets. These wristbands are only $5.00 for 10 of them!!! They also have a lot of other autism awareness merchandise too. We bought Ethan a #11 Nascar car to add to his collection of cars, and Corey got a couple of blue flame-less candles to put on his desk at work during the month of April. I got a puzzle shaped cookie cutter.....to use for next year's baskets. :0)

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