Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Most Wonderful Sound in the World

"Mom, mom, mom, mom......"

I have said this repetitive pattern many times in my life to my own mother. I have also heard other children saying this to their own moms. And usually, the response is an annoyed or exasperated, "What!" LOL....this is such a common occurrence, and I'm sure you have watched this scene play out with mothers & their children over & over again in your own life....or even experienced it with your own children. Every time I have viewed/heard this dialog it has made me chuckle. Classic.

Well, when I became a mother, this is something that I was looking forward to....being called mom. But as Ethan's speech became non-existent, this dream of hearing my child call me mom was slipping away. However, he did eventually call me mom well after his 1st birthday, and I was overjoyed. I was so happy to hear my child call me mom....he knew that I was his mom. Love.

But, he doesn't call me mom when he talks to me.....only to label me. "Mom, can I have some cereal? Mom, can we go outside & play?" These are sentences that don't exist in our house. Only when I quiz him. "Who am I? Mom." And NEVER the repetitive, "Mom, mom, mom, mom..." This is something that I never thought would be possible, and I was fine with it. I just so happy  that Ethan could even say the word "Mom." So blessed.

And then it started......

For the last couple of weeks, he has been doing the repetitive pattern, but calling me, "Aunt Wo." This is because he is mimicking what he is hearing my niece & nephew do...and they call me Aunt Wo. And, honestly, I was so glad that he was addressing me with my name in conversation that I didn't care he was calling me Aunt Wo. I was super excited. Well, my husband began reminding Ethan, "What's her name? Who is that?" And every time he would say, "Mom." He knew my label but wasn't yet generalizing it into his conversation. But as Corey kept reminding Ethan of my name, Ethan began to use my label in conversation.

And yesterday........

I was driving home from picking up my husband from work. (He sold his car & we are currently down to one car until he finds a car.) Corey & I were talking while the kiddos were watching a movie on the DVD player in the back (a first for them in my van!), and Ethan started saying.......

"Mom, mom, mom, mom....."

And I responded, "What!" Just instinctively! LOL!!!!

And now.....I hear my name being said in conversation! "Mom, will you sit by me? Mom will you run with me? Mom can I have a Pop-Tart please?" IT'S GREAT!!!!! And something that I thought I would never hear has set up camp in my house. And it's the most wonderful sound in the world!!!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! That truly is the most amazing sound in the world, and I imagine it was well worth the 3 1/2 year wait! You guys are amazing!