Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Church's Pampering

This article was posted on one of the blogs that I follow. A church presented a DAY OF PAMPERING for women who are caring for someone with special needs in their family. AMAZING! I love it when churches reach out to their community & become the hands & feet of Jesus. It truly touches my heart, and brings tears to my eyes. You can see the article & images at or read below.....

"Sandra Peoples is a pastor's wife, a mom, and an excellent writer, and I am thankful to know her. I featured her e-book, Speechless: Finding Grace in My Son's Autism, on this blog a few months ago. When I saw a post from her on Facebook about enjoying a day of pampering at a local church, I wanted to know more, and she graciously agreed to share. Read her guest post below, and visit the Facebook page for her book!" ~Shannon Dingle

"A special  needs mom's work is never done. We have to be "on" all the time. So a couple months ago when our son's behavioral therapist mentioned that her church was hosting a day of pampering for moms of kids with special needs and wives of husband with disabilities, I signed up!

I had never been to this church before, but as soon as I drove through the front entrance, a man greeted me by asking, "Good morning! Are you here to be pampered?" I told him I was and he told me where to park. When I got to the right lot, another man greeted me and asked if I would like the inside of my car detailed while I was being pampered. He handed me a baggie with a key ring and piece of paper (for the dashboard) with the number 3 on them.

When I walked through the doors I was greeted by ladies at the registration table. They took my keys with the numbered key ring. They handed me all the paper work for the day and I signed up for my choice of a table or chair massage, at the time that was best for me. One of the ladies walked me down the hall to the coffee area where there were light refreshments and drinks. The coffee area was across from the church library, which had books like Same Lake, Different Boat on display. I was impressed by their attention to detail! Even the books were specifically chosen for us!

At 10:00 we were led into the sanctuary for a time of worship. There was a "blessing of the hands" ceremony and a speaker who shared how her life changed when her son was injured and paralyzed at the age of 20.

After the service, the moms and wives headed to lunch in the gym. There were tables set up, each uniquely decorated by a hostess who ate with us. (The other volunteers and service providers ate in another room.) I enjoyed getting to know the women at my table. I was one of the youngest moms in attendance, and was in awe of the decades of love and compassion the women around me had invested into their children and husbands.

After lunch, the pampering began! I had signed up for a table massage first, so I headed down the hall to enjoy that treat. Then I went back into the gym, which was set up for hand scrubs, manicures, make-up application, facials, eyebrow waxing, satin lips, and hair cuts. I just started on one side of the room and worked my way around! Everyone was so friendly. Most started off the conversation by asking, "So, who do you care for?" They were sensitive and encouraging.

While we were being pampered. the coffee area was set up with gourmet teas and desserts. A trio of instrumentalists provided music through the afternoon. There were also volunteers available to pray with any of the women in attendance.

After getting as pampered as possible and enjoying dessert and tea with other moms, I was ready to head home. The inside of my car was spotless--even the cup holders! I felt encouraged, appreciated, and blessed by so many who took time to serve those of use who serve someone with special needs in our families. I can't wait for next year" ~Sandra Peoples

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