Thursday, March 8, 2012

Glow Stick Math

Ever since we introduced glow sticks to bath time, it is the ONLY bath toy that Ethan wants during his baths. Even though I found this idea at, my husband is the one who actually carries out the activities. 99% of the time, Corey is the one giving Ethan his bath, so I can have a mini-break....although it's usually filled with cleaning up or getting ready for the next day. So, a couple of nights ago, I hear Ethan's voice from the bathroom, "All together!"

I hear it over & over again, so I sneak in to see what creative game my husband has come up with this time. When I walk in, this is what I see.....

Ethan had grouped his items into categories. They are working on this skill at school. He was also adding the groups in different ways. So, he would count the straight glow sticks, and then count the cubes. Finally he would say, "10! 10 all together!" in his really excited voice. He was doing this game over & over again...and LOVING it! Corey also said that earlier in the bath, Ethan was making patterns with all three of these items. Circle, cube, stick, circle, cube stick, etc.

Last night, I could hear a discussion from the bathroom about, "What else can helpful hands do?" Recently, we have been having issues with Ethan pushing kids until they fall down, and we talk A LOT about using "helpful hands, not hurting hands." So, apparently, last night's new bath game was all about things our helpful hands can do....including playing with glow sticks. When Ethan came out of the bathroom, he said to me, "Helpful hands can play with toys!" he wanted to keep playing & not go to bed. Sneaky, sneaky!!!! So, I asked him if helpful hands can pick out the books to be read before we go to bed. I can be sneaky, too!

I LOVE that he has the ability to "generalize"....or to take what he is learning in one area and apply it to all other areas. For example, he is learning about patterns, adding concepts, and grouping like items at school, and he carries that over in his play. He will even count the family members at various the dinner table, playing outside, in the van, etc. This is an EXCELLENT skill that he possesses, and Ethan really is blessed to have this ability. This skill will greatly help him in overcoming the challenges he faces regarding autism. So, in the words of Ethan, "Dad, Mom & Ethan! Three all together!" And even though he is doing math, this one makes me teary every time he says it. I am so lucky that we are "Three all together." Ethan, you've said it perfectly.

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