Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Live-In Narrator

Since Ethan has started talking, it is mostly to himself or to his toys during playtime, and it is typically something he has a commercial or a computer game. But about a month before the end of school, Corey & I noticed that Ethan's language began to bloom in a mega way! He was talking to US!

Prior to that time, we would need to cue Ethan to say hi, goodbye, please, thank you, you're welcome, and so on. But beginning this past Mother's Day weekend, Ethan has been doing this with us all on his own! I think I have also mentioned that during that weekend, I had 3 mini-conversations with him! All "unscripted!" YEAH!!!!

And since summer has started, Ethan's conversation skills are getting better & better! He is spontaneously talking to us more & more! It is the best thing EVER!!!!

However, we have laughed about it quite a bit as well. Ethan is so cute. He is TRYING to communicate with us, and we are so excited about this awesome thing we thought might NEVER happen. But, Ethan doesn't know HOW to talk with us in conversation form....for lack of a better term. So, what ends up happening is that Ethan has started narrating our life....and it is the best thing ever! It is so funny & wonderful, and this mama is over the moon excited!

So, if we are eating dinner & talking about our day, Ethan will chime in & say something like this, "Mommy and Daddy and Ethan are all eating chicken and potatoes and peas. Mommy is drinking water, Daddy is drinking KoolAid and Ethan is drinking apple juice. I am sitting by Daddy and Mommy is sitting across the table on the bench. We are all three eating dinner together!"

I gotta tell you.....these "observations" are hysterical! Mostly because we aren't used to it!!! We are used to frustrating dinners where we are not only trying to get Ethan to eat SOMETHING but we are also trying to have him talk with us. So for him to be sooooo vocal, it so funny to us! But we LOVE it!!!!! We have our own little live-in narrator!

And he is doing this ALL the time now! I can't tell you how wonderful it is to hear your child talk to you without having to work so hard at it! I know this is just another stepping stone, too! One more step he has made on his journey. He is doing so well, and it has been awesome to see our hard work paying off! Talk on, Ethan! Talk on!!!!

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