Thursday, June 14, 2012

Brown Bear Playdoh!

Today, Ethan & I had our weekly "PJ Day." We both love Pajama Days. Every morning, Ethan will say, "Let's just wear these" as he pats his pj shirt. I remind him that we don't wear pajamas to school, church, errands, etc. So, on the rare day that we actually get to spend time at home, it is a treat for him. So, here I am typing this at 3:22pm, and we are both still in our PJs.

Secretly, this is my day to catch up on laundry, cleaning, and other things that have been put off throughout the week due to running around or spending time with my family. PJ Day is also the day that Ethan and I get to play with our "special" toys.....anything messy or detailed, like crafts or water play, is usually saved for PJ Day.

Today, as I spread out several picture cards of PJ Day type activities, he very excitedly picked Playdoh. He hasn't picked this one in awhile, so I was excited to get it all out too. We started with our typical Playdoh play, but then as I made a purple cat, Ethan said, "Purple cat, purple cat, what do you see?" Well.....I think we all know what I did next.....

Of course I went & got that book!!! Then, we began to make the animals from this book & read the book with our book-related animals. It was a little tricky because some of the animals were brown, black & white...of which I didn't have that Playdoh color....and I didn't have some of the animals, like the frog, so we had to improvise a little....a turtle replaced our frog.

Here are a few pictures of our activity. My favorite thing when I was teaching was the moment kiddos made the connection between their life & the things we were learning in school. It was so awesome to see the lightbulb come on & the excitement happen. And it's so much more rewarding when it happens to my own child. Ethan's school did a whole unit on this book, and he loved it. I was so glad to see him connect our Playdoh activity with that beloved book! (And this is so good for his muscle & fine motor development! Shhh....don't tell Ethan!)

Rolling out the Playdoh

This is the same look his father gives me when I get out my camera!

Here is our "brown" bear

Peeling away the extra

Pushing...this is sooooo good for him!

More pushing

Here is our "white" dog

Here are most of our animals all lined up in order!

"I see a brown bear, red fish, yellow duck, blue horse, green frog, purple cat, white dog......"

Look how much he loved doing this! What a great smile!


  1. What a great and fun idea! My little guy is not far enough along to do that activity but when he is, we are totally going to try it!!

  2. Fun! I love reading the awesome activities you come up with. We LOVE PJ day in our home too! We used to have PJ Day Monday every week and my mom would try and schedule her visits around a Monday so she could be here for PJ Monday. I love a day when you don't have to leave the house for anything!