Friday, June 8, 2012

The Dreaded Haircut

Anyone else have kid's that HATE getting their hair cut? UGH! Ethan HAAAATES it. Thankfully, my mother-in-law went to cosmetology school, and then had years of practice on her own 4 boys. So, typically, she is the one we call on when Ethan's hair begins to get a little long. However, in the summer, he & Daddy usually get buzz cuts. It's simple & great for summer.

Since Ethan seemed to have an especially difficult time getting over the last Grandma hair cut (every time he would see her, he would panic & say, "No hair cut today."), we decided to give Grandma a break & do the buzzing ourselves. My husband is usually the one who does this since he, too, has been perfecting this hair cut since his days of cross country/track running. But tonight, I took a shot at it since Corey is working on the basement.....and I REALLY don't want to ask him to stop! I REALLY want that room done! HA!

I took care of all of the "issues."

1. He hates to have the falling hair touch him. I put a cape on him.
2. He hates the sound of the buzzers. We played a silly "tickle" type game with the buzzers on his legs & arms. He got used to the sound & feel of them.
3. He doesn't know what is going on. I sat him in front of our mirror.
4. I gave him a fidget toy.
5. I put ear plugs in...both for sound & light hair falling on his ears.
6. I had my Mary Poppins personality in full gear....I was playing games, being silly, singing songs, etc. I must say....I was in full super mom mode.

Oh. My. Goodness. It totally did NOT work. He BAWLED the WHOLE time!!! There goes my Mom of the Year award.

But....his hair is cut, and it's done & over. And the beauty of a buzz cut....a longer time until the next hair cut. And next time.....we are calling Grandma!

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  1. No, you definitely still get the Mom of the Year Award for cutting your child's hair yourself and for doing SIX different things to improve his experience. I'm sorry he still cried!