Saturday, June 30, 2012

Swimming in the Dark

We have been waiting for it all week! Friday night.....our family date night. And I was so excited for it! Corey had the idea earlier in the week. It was so awesome to see him excited about it. Typically, I'm the over the top excited parent, so it was nice to have TWO super excited parents. You would have thought it was Christmas morning!

Here is what we did....a late night swim in the pool with all things that glow! It was so much fun! At one point, we even saw an airplane fly directly over us, and we saw all the lights on it. Ethan thought that was pretty cool. He also kept commenting on the "full moon" and the fact that it was dark but it wasn't bedtime. I think he enjoyed staying up "late." (Earlier in the evening, he crawled up on my lap & fell asleep for about an was the perfect day for him to actually nap & then stay up late.)

Here are a few pictures of our late night swim!

Corey added 4 tiki torches around the pool

Me & Ethan playing in the pool

These were from my step-grandma, and I wish I knew where she got them (she passed away a month ago). These 8 flowers float in the water & only light up when IN the water...I love them! We have green, yellow, red & blue.

Here are some of the glow sticks at the bottom of the pool.

Ethan playing in the pool...he loved it!...especially not having to wear sunblock!

That's my boy!

I loved having the tiki torches. It was so much fun!

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