Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Reading Program 2012

Last year, we participated in our Library's Summer Reading program. Ethan & I loved it! However, we never actually went to any of the library's activities.....I was too nervous after his GI-HUGE-ANT meltdown at his Early Intervention's Christmas party held at our library. (For that story, click here.) Before Ethan started attending daily preschool, he & I would go to the library once a week. He would play with their toys while I would search for new books for that week....for both him & me. But I thought I would try to do some of the library's programs this summer. I figured there had been enough time gone by since that meltdown, and he is older now...maybe he could handle it!? we went for Preschool Story Time.

How did I not think this through? It's IS summer.....and kids are out of school.....

There were about 40 3-5 year old kids for this story time.....yep.....40 LITTLE kids. YIKES!!!

Ethan actually did fairly well! No meltdowns AT ALL! But, he didn't want to sit & listen to the story or do any of the song/story motions. It was just too loud for him to be able to concentrate on any of it. So, after about 2 stories & 2 sing-songy poem type things, he was DONE. were my niece & nephew who were there too. So, that made me feel was a lot for ALL of them.

We each got 2 books for the week, and Ethan picked out an ELMO movie. (I will be surprised if he actually watches it....he never sits for movies.) We signed him up for the Reading Program, and put his name in the weekly drawing.

I really think if it was a smaller group of kiddos, he would have done just fine. So, I'm glad we went, I'm glad we didn't have a meltdown(s), and I'm glad it was only an hour! HA! I think we will try it again sometime, but maybe not EVERY week. Baby steps. He was SO excited to go to the library, and I want him to keep that joy of getting new books/reading. One of those things that I wish we could do, but he's just not ready. But....I am able to see us doing it in the future....and that gives me joy!

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  1. Put on his quiet headset and away you gooooooooooo!!!!!