Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sensory Playroom Update....Part 1

During the construction phase of our playroom, we have had to put our play stuff around the house until our room is ready. Here are a few pictures of our stuff waiting for the playroom. Tomorrow, I will be able to show you where the playroom is at right now as well as the projects we are working on for it.

In our entryway, I placed our write on/wipe off board under our shelf & above our shoe bench. I was able to use the shelf to contain a few of the writing utensils (in the jar on the left), and the bench is great for Ethan to sit at while vertically writing. We also use this board as our projector screen.
In our same entryway across from the write on/wipe off board, we hung our oil drip pan that we use for a large magnetic board. It's nice to spell out messages for our guests!

This is our hallway, and we use it for A LOT for physical activities. We have a small piece of horizontal tape at both ends of our hallway for a start & finish line. The long vertical tape is our balance beam/animal walk trail/etc.
Though not very pretty, these 2 bookshelves are my life saver! Most of our sensory play items are stored on these bookcases that are currently in our living room. The stuff at the bottom, Ethan can get to all on his own & at any time. The stuff towards the top are things that he needs supervision to play with or it's messy (and I need to prep our kitchen table).

Each of the bins has a label on it.

Even the baskets have labels....I love labels!
While I was babysitting my sister's kids, my refrigerator was overflowing with artwork! So, as a quick fix, I added clotheslines above my couch to display the kids artwork.

Using pushpins to hang twine & clothespins to hang the art, this was so simple, easy & cheap! I may even do this in the new playroom!!!


  1. I love how you're displaying the kids' artwork! I'm overwhelmed with what little we have and my kids haven't started school yet! I am totally doing this in our basement. I can't wait for Jessica P to chime in, you two are so happy with your label makers! Your house organization is amazing, I can only imagine what the completed room will look like. You rock Momma! And can you come and organize my house?

    1. Jessica is an AMAZING organizer!! She organizes her family ALL THE TIME........... cuz we get "lost" in our stuff!!

  2. Wow! You are amazing! Can you tell me place how you mounted the drip pan?

    1. Awwwww.....thanks so much, LindieLee!!! I simply drilled screws through the pan directly to the wall. I did the 4 corners & one in the center. It's almost been up a year!