Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Caretaker update

Ever since I had an "inkling" about Ethan having autism, every chance I could get I was reading about this disorder. During his nap time, after he went to bed, talking with my friends, and so on. Every minute of the day, my mind was absorbed with learning all I could about this in order to help Ethan & understand all I could about what he was experiencing.

But, as I have written about before, I finally had to set a limit. I needed to find balance because I was going out of my mind. There is so much information that I could research it 24/7, and still have a mountains more to go. So...I have stopped. When a situation arises, and we don't know how to handle it, we do research & reach out to the autism community. But for the most part, I have MADE myself stop. And it has been better for our family.

Now, I am better able to ENJOY the day to day life with autism. My sister-in-law once said this to me about raising kids, "The days are long, but the years are short." And she is so right. So, I vowed to stop obsessing & start living. Now, I set aside time for me most days & I am a better mom/wife because of it. And my husband even says that he can tell a difference in me....for the better. And I think that is true for so many moms. We forget to take time for ourselves.

Well, here is an update on Taking Care of the Caretaker.

I am on week 3 of the Couch to 5K program. I started this a month ago, and then Ethan & I came down with strep throat. So, I have started this again. I LOVE IT! I actually look forward to the time spent running on the treadmill! I have an iPhone that I downloaded the program onto as well as music. It is great! And a couple of my girl friends have talked me into running a 5K at our town's festival in September! I'm really nervous, but I'm also very excited too!

Also, I have really been focusing on our entire family eating better. We are eating at home more, and I am watching my calorie & carb intake. Although I have shed a few pounds, I'm really just trying to put our family back on a healthier eating path. I am also doing Body by Vi shakes for breakfast & occasionally lunch. My mother-in-law is doing them & made me a shake one day. They were so yummy, so I have been doing it now too.

Other than working out & eating better, I have MADE myself stop & do some relaxing activities (on the days I don't run). Mostly, I have been doing 500-1000 piece puzzles & reading series novels. Every time I get a new puzzle or book out, my husband jokingly waves goodbye & tells me he will see me in the next couple of days. It's true.....I get very absorbed in these relaxing activities....to the point of staying up way past my bedtime! But they are so relaxing!

This is a series of books that I just finished called The Potluck Club. Although only 4 are pictured, there are 6 books in total. I LOVED these books! They are about 6 Christian women who's prayer group turned into a potluck club & eventually into a catering business. I liked these books because they are fun & easy to read, they are about REAL women with REAL problems, and they support each other through all of it. I checked these out at my library although they are available to purchase. To find out more, click here.
Here are all of the puzzles that I have done.

This was a birthday gift from my mom.

I found the missing pieces later!

This was another birthday gift from my mom.

This was my Mother's Day gift from Corey.

I saw this one at Hobby Lobby, and just HAD to get it!

This puzzle is what Ethan picked out for my Mother's Day gift! How sweet!

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  1. I am so proud and happy for you. You are a runner now, and it's exciting hear you start to enjoy it. :) :)