Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Walk With Me Success!!! Part 1

Oh Friends......There really are no words to describe the Easter Seals Walk With Me event that our family participated in last Saturday. It was in-describable.....but I will do my best.

First, a few of us met at our church to organize carpools & have some donuts...tailgating style. :0)

We left the church about 7:40am, and we left in a caravan of 5 vehicles. We arrived in Bloomington about 8:20am, and we pulled up to the place to find several parking spaces with this sign.....

After we parked, Ethan & I headed into the stadium since we were a few minutes late. When we arrived, we were greeted with incredible warmth. You see, Ethan, as an Easter Seals ambassador, was given a special color shirt to wear so everyone would know that he was a special kiddo. Here is Ethan wearing his green shirt! (And green is his favorite color, too!)

Here is what everyone's tshirts looked like
As an ambassador, Ethan's shirt was green! Everyone also received name tags saying, "I'm walking with Ethan!"

After we signed in, we were escorted by super friendly volunteers to a tent set up just for our team!

 They had a gift bag just for Ethan! As you can see in the next picture, he was very eager to open it!

Trying to open a stuffed Lightening McQueen! He was so excited to see CARS!!!
These magnets were in his bag.....and of course he lined them up!
We even saw one of Ethan's Easter Seals therapists!!! How WONDERFUL! Hi Dona!!!

As we were doing the Meet & Greet, we were given Thank You notes to hand out to our team....made especially with Ethan's picture & information on it!!!

Front & back of the Thank You cards
 Here are some more pictures.....

Corey & our friend Cindy (camera man Matt's wife)

Corey & I laughing at who knows what!

Ethan playing with his new McQueen toy that our friend, Bill, brought him! Thanks Bill!
Ethan waiting for the walk to begin!
Look who was there!!! Sonic!
At some point, it all got to be a little much for Ethan, so Corey took him to look at the baseball stadium.
My cousins decorated a sign for our team name! How fun!!!!

I love this picture! My guys!!!

Here goes our team! The walk begins!!!!
Beginning our mile walk!
As we left the stadium, everyone was cheering, so Ethan asked to be carried.
And Daddy obliged.
Walking for Easter Seals!!!!
They were rotating the ambassador's pictures up on the big screen! How cool to see Ethan up there!!!!
About 1/2 way through, Ethan was done walking....so we had to make it a bit more fun for him!

Our little family!
Resting after the walk
Daddy & Ethan resting & playing with the new hat!

How anyone got my husband to do this, I'll never know!....But I love it!!!
Ethan & I playing with our sensory items from home.
I love this boy!!!!
Me & my kiddo!!!!!
The next post will include more pictures, our group photo, and final thoughts! It's too much for just one post!!!

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