Monday, July 2, 2012

Week of Updates!

Being on summer vacation has been awesome. I love spending so much time with Ethan & getting to do more things together since we don't really have a set daily schedule. And with him not napping, we have the ability to do even MORE things than last summer!

But I have realized that my writing has been lacking....due to spending so much time as Play At Home Mom (which I love). So, this week I will be dedicating to updating you all on the many projects & activities that I have talked about in the past & have failed to mention in awhile!

First, let me start with updating you on one of our favorite sensory play activities that I have NEVER blogged about, yet we play it almost once a week....if not more! I discovered this activity on one of my favorite blogs, We have been playing with WATER BEADS ever since February of this year, and each month I try to bring out a new color of water beads for our play. This past month, however, I was tired of all of my containers, so I blended them all together into on big Water Bead our Rice Box but with water beads. These are so inexpensive, and I found mine in the craft aisle at Walmart in a variety of colors. Here are a few pictures of us playing with the Water Bead Box this past week.

Here's Ethan running his hands through the water beads. This box contains many colors including pink (Feb), green (Mar), blue (Apr), and clear (May). I like having more beads in our box...I'm glad I combined them!
These plastic frogs graduated to the water bead box from the tub toys. In June, we noticed that Ethan began to fear bugs, so I tried to so a lot of play with bugs & critters....hoping it would ease his fears. We hide these frogs in the water beads & he tries to find them with his hands.
Ethan finding another frog! This is so great for Ethan because he can't stand to get his hands messy/dirty, but he will do this!
We do this at the kitchen table with my messy play tablecloth over our table. Ethan always chooses to stand instead of sitting for this activity.
These are some party store coins that I found in March for St. Patty's Day. These are great for hiding in the water bead box because they aren't as easy to see with your eyes.
Ethan finding the "gold doubloons" he calls them from Disney Jake & The Neverland Pirates cartoon.

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  1. Love this! Thank you for sharing. I am going to use this for my son.