Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Daily Schedule

OK.....so this isn't really an UPDATE....more of a "update my camera/forgot to post about" kind of thing!

This is a daily schedule that I use with Ethan. I have used it for about a year now, and his interest/need for it comes & goes. The blue pocket chart is an used one from my sister, who is also a teacher. Most of the daily picture cards come from tipjunkie.com....one of my favorite blogs. These are free to print & there are a LOT of them! I have also made a few of my own....mostly pictures of family members or local places to visit.

This is great to use with ANY child, but especially a child with anxiety. This helps them to know what is expected of that day....no surprises....or at least very few. When the activity is over, Ethan will turn the card around.  Eventually, I would like to add times to this....once Ethan is ready to tell time (which he could probably do now, but Mommy isn't ready to take that on just yet). But maybe adding a sun/moon would help a child realize when these things will happen. That this isn't just the next HOUR, but the entire day.

Here is a typical daily schedule at our house.

I have additional cards in the 4 envelopes. The Days Of Summer come from PluckyMomo.com. It's a ton of summer boredom busters for summer, and it comes in a free printable! The 4 pictures shown here are the toys that I "get out" for Ethan to play with...Cars is a constant that Ethan insists on showing on the schedule. These are in addition to all of his already accessible toys. I try to have at least one thing for US to do together (Flashcards &/or Coloring) & ONE OT thing...this day it was working on fine motor skills with the Light Bright.

This is the schedule for the day. PLAYTIME is where he plays with the toys shown above. He is always excited to see what "new" toys he gets to play with that day. One day, Ethan brought me a few picture cards (like singing), and said, "Mommy, these are the things I don't like." It was awesome to have him tell me what he didn't like/want to do!!! We still did it, but for a short time.

Last Saturday, Corey let me sleep in. When I woke up, I found Ethan setting up his schedule for the day.

He got down all of the envelopes & was putting as many things on the board as he could!

Here is Ethan's day....looks like we have a lot to do! HAHA!

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