Friday, July 13, 2012

Camera Updates

I was updating my camera & found many pictures that I wanted to share. Most of these were blog post beginnings but none of them ever seemed to make it on here they are!!!

Occasionally, we will have family sleepovers in the living room. We pull the mattress off of our bed & we all lay on it while watching a family movie. Ethan rarely falls asleep, but he LOVES to jump & crash on this huge mattress. During our last sleepover, I got out my foot bath....and Ethan LOVES my foot bath. I usually have to get it out AFTER he is asleep if I don't want to share it. But this time, I got it out just for him! Here is is enjoying a foot bath.

This is his face during the foot bath. It completely relaxes him. He is so mellow!

One day, during lunch, I read Ethan a few books. This one we checked out from the library, and he really likes it. As I was reading it, I decided to get out a few apples for him to play with while we read the story.

Ethan is stacking the apples....he couldn't stack until just this past year!

Trying to stack the apples "Up On Top" of his head like in the story.

He kept asking for more apples to stack. It was great fun!

One game that Ethan loves is Boggle Jr, but we don't have's at my sister's house. But we do have original Boggle. So, one day while I was trying to get stuff done, I got out our Boggle cubes & let Ethan play with them. I would give him a word to spell, and he would spell it out. He loved it! I should have taken a picture of the whole floor because there were words everywhere. Here, he had to borrow from the word MOM to spell NASCAR.

Ethan spelling NASCAR with Boggle cubes.
This was the BEST! Ethan has difficulty with imaginative play or empathy...and here he demonstrated BOTH!!! While playing in the living room, Ethan decided to lay down with Elmo, and he covered both of them with the blanket. It was awesome!

After doing the above, he decided he needed to find Cookie Monster too. Here he gave Cookie a pillow & covered him over as well! We never see this kind of play from Ethan, but it's something we strive for!

Ethan laying down with Elmo & Cookie.

A couple of months ago, my mom & I cleaned out my grandparents apartment. My step-grandma had passed away, and my grandpa is in a nursing home (now in the town where we live). Ethan came with us, and he loved all the boxes. So, we made him a little fort, and he stayed in there off & on all day for long bouts of time.

A little blurry, but here is Ethan in his fort. We have noticed that he really likes forts & hiding under blankets, so we are planning on incorporating one in our living room soon.

That same cleaning out day, Ethan fell asleep on the couch & took a nap...and the only sleep aid he had was his pacifier. AMAZING!

I just had to snap another picture of him sleeping...he's so cute!

My cousin took this picture of Ethan and me. I love that kid!!!

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