Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Overhead Projector

Although our playroom is still in construction mode, that hasn't stopped us from trying new kinds of sensory play. We have been doing a lot of "in the dark" activities because Ethan has been turning all the lights off in the house. We think that he is becoming more & more sensitive to light. Thanks to one of the schools that I worked for, they have loaned me an overhead projector. Based on some ideas from, we are trying out some new sensory-based activities.

A couple of nights ago, Ethan once again asked if he could turn the lights out. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to get out the overhead projector. While Ethan turned out the lights, I set up the projector & my husband put a white flat sheet over our curtains. I started to get out my transparent objects to show how color shows up on the white sheet as well as make pictures out of objects, but Ethan found my bag of transparent numbers...0-100. "Numbers, numbers, numbers....." So, he played with numbers.....for about 2 hours! Daddy tried to play with him, and Ethan obliged for awhile. Then, he said, "All done sharing numbers with Daddy." It was hilarious because we are always trying to get him to "use his words"....and he definitely conveyed his wants with his words that time!!! We are still working on sharing...

The pictures are hard to see, but he was pulling out a transparent number tile one at a time, saying the number & then putting it on the overhead. When all the tiles were on the projector, he would look at us and ask, "We do it again?" After receiving an okay from us, he would push all the tiles off the overhead onto the floor & do it all again. After awhile, he did include us by asking us if we knew the number he was holding up. If we knew it, he would say, "Daddy got one!", and if we didn't know it, he would say, "Mommy missed it, and that's okay." He loved this game so much that he asked to play it as soon as he got out of bed the next morning. Out of pure selfishness of not wanting to add to the craziness of our mornings, I told him that he had to be dark outside for the game to work. He was satisfied with that answer.....otherwise I believe he would play it all day.

Here is Ethan looking at one of the transparent number tiles next to the overhead projector. There are several tiles already on the projector, but it is hard to see it in this picture.

Again, it is difficult to see, but you can tell that there are more tiles on the projector by looking at the "screen".
More tiles...and Ethan knew every single number. Amazing!

Here is a short video of Ethan playing with the overhead projector.

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