Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Egg Silly Sentences

We have been on Spring Break this week, and I am using this mini-vacation to change some things in our Since our sensory playroom won't be completed until the Fall, I am trying to re-arrange our upstairs main living space to accommodate these needs. I recently hung up our big magnetic board in our entry way. I got the idea from Pinterest. Ethan has really enjoyed using it with his magnetic letters. We have been doing a lot of spelling & even moved into making sentences. (Did I mention that he can read?...just another super power he has.) Well, spelling sentences one-letter at a time can be tricky because there are only a few of each letter...sometimes only one per letter. Then I found this at UFS....

The pieces were small so I was planning on using this to work on his fine motor skills. But we were getting a little bored with our magnet board....

So, I decided to put the magnetic board & this silly sentence game together...and it was a huge hit! In fact, he is playing with it right now, and he has only been up about 30 minutes. But, I gave it a little twist in order to make it a little easier. Notice how each type of card is color coded? Well....I matched it up with same color Easter eggs!!!

Here is our new magnetic board (it's actually an oil drip pan). The silly sentence pieces are in my vegetable tray that I usually use for sorting games. (The tape on the floor is for our at home OT...animal walks, tight-rope walking, etc.)

Each part of the sentence has already been color coded. We added Easter eggs for an added visual aid....and it's fun! I had to get a little creative with the 2 piles of red, but Ethan didn't seem to mind that it was different.

I added magnetic strips to the back of these puzzle pieces. The game is simple....find a card from next color in the sequence. Ethan just had to find the corresponding colors & he was able to create his own silly sentences! He caught on very quickly & was so excited each time he picked a new word out of the tray!

The eggs were too heavy for the magnetic strips to hold them up, so I ended up having to tape them to the board.

Silly Sentence game turned magnetic!

Now the wheels are turning.....I could personalize it with our OWN cards. I could use names of people in the family. I could use picture cards as well. I could have made it shorter & used fewer only a noun + a verb. I decided to use all of the parts of speech because this is Ethan's thing....he loves to read & spell. He was squealing with excitement, and I couldn't stop laughing. It was so much fun! I LOVE how big this magnetic board is! AND I don't have to wait for the playroom to be finished to use it! YEA!

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  1. This is absolutely AMAZING!! It is DEFINITELY something all three of you put together. Corey with the oil drip pan... Jessica with her CREATIVENESS and IMAGINATION... and Ethan with his Word-Alphabet Wizard Mind!!! What a fun board........ can I come and play too?