Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Organized Mom, Organized Son

A lot of autism I don't understand, so I am continually trying to learn all I can about it in order to be a better mom to Ethan. But there is one part that I understand 100%.....his need to organize. I get that better than any other concept because I have that deep seeded need to organize as well. When I am stressed, I pick up my house, reorganize a closet or rearrange furniture. This need to keep order & all things in order.....I get it.

Here are a few pictures of things that Ethan has recently organized....and I'm such a proud mama! :0)

These are actually puzzle pieces that he has organized in alphabetical order all on his own. I discovered it when we were cleaning up the toys for the evening.

All of Ethan's Cars & Cars 2 cars...nicely organized.

This may look like a mess, but it is several board games that he has organized ALL over the living room.

I even found a few pictures from when Ethan was younger (not quite 2 years old), and he was organizing items then as well.

All of the blocks were in the square holder before Ethan began to play. He took them out, one at a time, and lined them up next to him at the desk.

Here, Ethan is finding &

Lining up rocks & other outdoor treasures.

Ethan is more interested in lining up nature than seeing the apes at the zoo...even though they are super close to us!

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