Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Awhile ago, this blog received a facelift. Wanting to have a design that was unique & personal, I contacted my amazing artistic cousin, Jenny. And I LOVE the new look!!! Since that time, she has developed a website for others to receive this same kind of individualized & creative self print OR in digital form!

If you submit a photo to her, she is able to create several types of looks.....depending on your preference! She can do a comic book look, an oil painting print or a sketch-up style (which is what I choose)! She can even take photos of several different people & create a group picture of all of them! IT'S AWESOME!!!! She is very easy to work with, too! She was able to create a design for me that was PERFECT....even though it was difficult for me to tell her exactly what I was thinking. She's that good!!!!

Check out her new website, Here are some sneak peeks!!! These would be great gifts! I'm already thinking about using her services for our next Christmas card!

Oil Painting
Comic Book

Sketch-Up Style

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