Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Relaxing at Home

Ethan asked to "snuggle with mommy"....I am LOVING that!!!

Ethan watching his favorite commercials on his iPad. In the first one, he is mimicking the hand clapping shown on the McDonald's commercial. In the others, he is narrating Nascar.

 Occasionally, I will laugh at something Ethan has done or said, and my laugh causes him to laugh....and back & forth it goes. It usually happens at night while we are reading books before bed, but Corey caught our giggles on video one day before nap during Spring Break. I love my boy!!!


  1. Oh...Mommy and son snuggling and Mommy and son laughing...priceless!

  2. you have always had an amazingly contagious laugh! I laughed out loud just watching you and Ethan LAUGH! :) I am going to keep this post for one day when I need a laugh!