Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stamping It Up!

One day this week, Ethan woke up VERY early. We typically don't have much time to play in the morning before school, but we did that day! Although Ethan really wanted to play with play dough, I just didn't feel like getting all of that out. So, instead I suggested playing with the overhead projector. We play with different things on the overhead, but here he is playing with yellow transparent numbers 1-100. It's hard to see, but here is what I mean...

This was taken on a different day, but this is how he plays with the overhead. We shine it on the white board by the front door.

After he was done playing with the overhead, he asked to play with stamps. This is amazing because I am always forcing encouraging him to do anything that would fall in the "Messy" category. Finger painting, water beads, shaving cream, silly putty, and......stamps. He just doesn't like his hands to be messy. (He gets that from me.) So, when he ASKED for stamps.....I QUICKLY got them out before he could change his mind!!! I took a few pictures & even got some video of Ethan VOLUNTARILY playing with stamps! He is doing so well!!!!!!! What a blessing!!!!!!


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  1. LOVE the video! And I love his lineup of used stamps, ink side up. He could be my child. :)