Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Light It Up Blue Family & Friends

Here are a few pictures of how our family & friends participated in Light It Up Blue 2012!

Our friends, The Eyes, changed out their light bulb. They even had to replace the entire light fixture in order to be able to participate!!! Talk about going the extra mile!!! :0)

Corey's brother changed out all 3 of their outdoor lights in order to Light It Up Blue! (And apparently some of those bulbs were not a typical size & involved a lot of searching for blue in that size. Thanks for not letting that stop you!)

These are a few of Ethan's cousins wearing blue (and I see a wristband!) & Lighting It Up Blue for Ethan. I gotta be honest. This picture sent me into instant tears! Them holding up Ethan's picture just got to me! The kids have been wearing their Autism Speaks wristbands since we gave them to the family a couple of weeks ago. Our oldest nephew (on the left) was asked by several people at his school what the wristband was all about. Eventually, this led to him giving a presentation to his 5th grade class all about Light It Up Blue & how they could participate. AWESOME!!!! What a great bunch of kiddos! I'm so proud to be their aunt!!!!

This is my sister's oldest kiddo wearing all blue (and another wristband!) for Autism Awareness Day. He kind of looks like a Light It Up Blue superhero! My sister told me that her entire family wore blue that day, and they, too, are all wearing their wristbands! YEAH!

Here are a few more cousins of Ethan. (We have a lot of cousins! Eight in all!!!) These two cuties are showing their support by wearing all blue! LOVE IT!!!!

Corey's other brother (he has 3) changed out their front porch light for a blue bulb. He told us that he has been Lighting It Up Blue for several weeks now! Awesome! He & his wife have been wearing their wristbands since we delivered our blue baskets to them. People have even asked them where they bought them so they could get some too! YEAH!

This is my uncle & aunt who created this picture & posted it on their Facebook pages in order to spread the word about Autism Awareness Day! What a cool idea!!! Thanks for all of your support!!!!!

My mom's outdoor light was too difficult for her to reach, so she changed out the bulb in one of her lamps. Then, she placed it in front of her big window in order to Light It Up Blue! Great idea!!!!

This is my dear friend, Sara's house. Even though it looks green in this picture, she & her family participated in Light It Up Blue as well! She also spread the word by sharing about this day on her Facebook page! What a friend!!!

This is Sara's daughter (and Ethan's friend) wearing all blue in support of Autism Awareness Day! How adorable is she?!

This is the Autism Speaks blue flame-less candle that Corey had on this desk at work. He said that within the first couple of hours of work, five people asked him what it was all about. It's working! Spreading autism awareness!!!!

Corey's Light It Up Blue work attire. The Autism Speaks pin was a gift from a couple at our church who manages a jewelry store. The wife gave it to me last year as a gift, and I immediately put it on my coat's lapel. However, this has been such a warm spring, that I haven't been wearing my coat. So, Corey has been wearing it as a tie tack. I think it looks great!!!

I received so many messages about people who were participating in Light It Up blue. Friends & family....all showing their support of Ethan and spreading autism awareness. My step-mom told me that she hasn't stopped wearing her wristband since they got our blue gift package! AWESOME! My In-Laws changed out ALL of their outdoor lights, and they wore blue that day as well. They sent me a text reminding me how much they love Ethan & who he is. And that is what I see & feel from each of you as I look at these pictures & read your messages. Love & support. Not only for our Ethan, but for every person & family learning to live with autism. I am deeply grateful & humbled for all of you taking the time to participate in Light It Up Blue 2012. What a great celebration! Now....let's keep our bulbs for next year!!!!

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