Saturday, April 28, 2012

Week of Grandparents!

I just realized that Ethan was personally involved with every single one of his grandparents last week!

It started with Grandma Holly giving him a very handsome hair cut Sunday night. Ethan HATES getting his hair's the touching of his ears, the sound of the buzzers, and the tickling of the falling hair. We are so blessed that Grandma Holly went to cosmetology school & had 4 boys to give hair cuts to.....she has years of expertise on giving a cranky kid a haircut!!!! She will usually come to our house so we can give Ethan a bath afterwards. We place him in a chair with either a favorite show on TV or his iPad on his lap. We wrap a towel around his shoulders to prevent hair tickling. Grandma doesn't use any buzzers until the very end.....and she has swapped to using a mustache trimmer because it isn't as loud. Brilliant! Holly does a great job cutting his hair & talking to him while one of us holds his hands & reassures him that everything is okay. (We have even found a Sesame Street song online about a barber, and this has helped Ethan's anxiety.) After the haircut is over, either Corey or I will give him a bath while the other one vacuums. Thank you, Grandma Holly!

This week, Grandma made a special visit the day after the hair cut. She found sight word flash cards that she thought Ethan would enjoy playing with (which he has), and Ethan kept saying, "No haircut today." And Grandma kept assuring him that he was only there to play with the flash cards. It was quite cute.

Thursday, Corey & I had to go to Ethan's IEP meeting at school. Grandpa Buster has retired from his full-time career, and is currently working part-time. We were fortunate that Grandpa was available to take Ethan during this meeting. Grandpa & Ethan went on a "date" to Steak-n-Shake.....Ethan's favorite restaurant, and then back to their house to jump on the big trampoline. Ethan & Grandpa Buster LOVE cars, so it was awesome when Steak-n-Shake's kid toy was a 1957 paper-folded Chevy. This was the first time that is was just Ethan & Grandpa Buster....and they both did very well! Thank you, Grandpa Buster!

Ethan received a VERY BIG surprise in the mail this week! My dad lives about 6 hours away, and it is a difficult drive for us to make, so we don't get to see him & my step-mom that often. So, they have started sending the grand kids things in the mail. Ethan got his first package from them this week, and.....since he could read his name on it......very excitedly brought it over to me, and said, "I need help to open, please!" Here is Ethan excited to get a surprise in the mail!

He was very excited to find a Toy Story 3 DVD inside, and he ran it over to show me! Then, Corey told him that there was more in the bag. Ethan went back to the package and found 3 books.....Nemo, Toy Story, and CARS! Well, he dropped the DVD, lined up the books on the couch, and then picked up the Cars book, sat on the couch & began to read it! This kid is CRAZY FOR BOOKS! We have read them every day since. He loves them! Thank you, Papa Steve & Nana Sue!!!

And, finally, on Friday night, Ethan had date night with my mom. She took him to Wendy's for dinner, Menard's for playing on the indoor playground (found out it wasn't up yet.....yikes!), and then back to Grandma's house for playtime! Ethan stayed the night with Grandma, so I had packed 3 books for them to read before bed. I was told that when Ethan found the books, he was VERY excited. So, Grandma read those 3 books, and then got out a big pile of her own books. They stayed up late, reading together in bed, and then drifted off to sleep.....very quickly. The next morning, she took him to Hardees for breakfast and then to our house for playtime. Thank you, Gwamma Linda!

Ethan & us are so blessed to have such a close knit family. They are all very supportive of our family, and love Ethan so much. It was a fun week spent with LOTS of grandparent time! THANKS GRANDPARENTS! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!!

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